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SmartBark Engineered Bark Siding the New Modern Rustic Choice!

Smarbark Engineered Bark Siding has been selected in  modern rustic designs.  Clean lines in a shake  application.  The rustic tree bark faux look adds a new look to the sustainable revolution. Smarbark panels have added R value and fire resistant properties. This alternative can save energy and also brings nature into any project.

Smartbark By BARKCLAD : Made in the USA

Barkclad has taken the Smartbark concept in bark siding to a new level.. With a new look and High volume demand we can add the look of bark siding to any project. American Chestnut or Poplar can now be added with the value if R-Value and a low flame spread. Smartbark is the right choice […]


Back to School! Setting the classroom to educate consumers and our customers on the Next Generation of Bark Siding.  Historical American Chestnut. All SmartBark products are weather resistant so they do not fade, darken, rot, mold, crack or curl. They are easy to install and don’t require bug treatment or a special moisture barrier. BarkClad’s […]