Our Engineered SmartBark Bark Siding


With multiple styles to choose from our Engineered SmartBark Bark Siding Shingles allows developers, builders, architects, and homeowners to create unique and realistic representations of natural bark.  SmartBark provides the opportunity to clad your project in barks such as Poplar and American Chestnut, not all of which are available naturally.

SmartBark saves time and money without sacrificing style.

All SmartBark products are weather-resistant. They are easy to install and don’t require bug treatment or a special moisture barrier. BarkClad’s exclusive 25-year limited warranty ensures your SmartBark siding will look beautiful for years to come.

SmartBark Poplar and SmartBark Chestnut are washable, paintable, and flame resistant, and with an R-value of 4.7 per inch, SmartBark saves on energy costs year after year.

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Elite Series Poplar | 17″ x 28.75″ | 16″ Reveal | 3.3 Sq. FT Panel | 3.00″ Lap Thickness
Elite Series Chestnut | 19″ x 28.75″ | 18″ Reveal | 3.6 Sq. FT Panel | 3.625″ Lap Thickness
Old Style Poplar Earthtone | 18″ x 19.25″ | 17″ Reveal | 2.4 Sq. FT Panel | 1.625″ Lap Thickness
Old Style Poplar Grey | 17″ x 28.75″ | 16″ Reveal | 3.3 Sq. FT Panel | 3.00″ Lap Thickness
Old Style Chestnut Timber Brown 18″ x 19.25″ | 17″ Reveal | 2.4 Sq. FT Panel | 2.125″ Lap Thickness

To accommodate various installation applications, our SmartBark shingles come in a variety of panel sizes. Beautiful and realistic, SmartBark engineered siding can be used anywhere inside or outside of your home, including porch pillars and walls, wainscoting, facades, islands, patio enclosures, gable ends and dormers, and of course exterior walls for full or partial coverage.

Patented SmartBark Siding is offered exclusively through its founders at BarkClad, a leader in the Natural Bark industry.  This means you can count on a best-in-class product and exceptional customer service.





SmartBark SlimPro

BarkClad is excited to share the news, our new SmartBark SlimPro 10 square foot panel has arrived! Think outside the box with our beautiful large panels with the 8-inch reveal! Super quick install that saves you more money than ever on installation, Innovate with us and see the difference! Seek to do the impossible by adding SmartBark Engineered bark siding to any design. Exceed expectations and push boundaries with any of our simulated bark siding products.

All three sizes of the SlimPro Series panels are available in either Timber Brown or Poplar Gray. All are 1.375” thick. Just like the Old Style and Elite Series of SmartBark, the SlimPro Series can be used inside or outside of your home or business. All three sizes of SlimPro Series panels feature easy and fast installation

SmartBark is available exclusively through BarkClad, a leader in the natural bark industry, which means you can count on a best-in-class product and exceptional customer service.


SlimPro Mini – 8″

SlimPro Standard – 16″

SlimPro Big Dan – 5 rows x 8” Reveal

Big Dan | SmartBark SlimPro Timber Brown | 24 X 24 X 1.375 4 Sq.FT.

Big Dan | SmartBark SlimPro Poplar Gray | 24 X 24 X 1.375 4 Sq.FT.

SmartBark SlimPro Standard | Timber Brown | 20X16X1.375 2.22 Sq. FT.

SmartBark SlimPro Standard | Poplar Gray | 20X16X1.375 2.22 Sq. FT.

Serenity Treehouse | Asheville, NC

As seen on HGTV | Watch The Video Here.

Featuring Our Old Style SmartBark Timber Brown

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