Natural Bark Siding

For more than 17 years, BarkClad has been working with discerning contractors, developers, architects and suppliers across the U.S. and Canada to deliver superior natural bark siding.

At BarkClad, our natural bark siding is from poplar and is hand-peeled, dried in a certified kiln, hand-cut on-site, stacked, loaded and shipped for delivery within a 1-week period or less to maintain the exceptional natural integrity of the bark. We call this the BarkClad process.

*Natural bark siding will age in color over time especially in the direct sunlight it actually looks more rustic overtime. Barkclad does not warranty the natural Bark siding passed the cutting of the bands of the packaging due to the fact that installation is key to the longevity of the siding. Natural bark siding is a dry kiln wood siding. We add no additives or preservatives. *

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Found outside and inside distinct and luxurious homes, estates and cottages in 49 states across the U.S. and throughout Canada, BarkClad is the natural bark siding product of choice for customers who want to create a beautiful, natural, rustic wood look.

BarkClad natural poplar bark is available in three grades, including 1 ¼”+ Super Exterior Premium Grade, ¾”-1” Exterior Standard Grade and less than ¾” Interior Grade – making it the perfect siding choice for all of your interior and exterior siding needs.

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