As a visionary leader in the bark siding industry, BarkClad has been delivering superior quality bark siding products and exceptional customer service for over 20 years.

Every BarkClad product, including all BarkClad Natural products and our innovative SmartBark is stamped with our BarkClad seal of approval guaranteeing the highest quality in the industry.

*Natural bark siding will age in color overtime especially in the direct sunlight it actually looks more rustic overtime. Barkclad does not warranty the natural Bark siding  passed the cutting of the bands of the packaging due to the fact that installation is key to the longevity of the siding. Natural bark siding is a dry kiln wood siding . We add no additives or preservatives. *



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Introducing the world’s first high-quality engineered siding. Now you can achieve a beautiful, natural bark look for less – and save on energy costs year after year!

Each piece of our 100% USA tulip polar bark is unique in color and texture. Always hand-peeled and cut on site, our high-quality shakes make your home beautiful inside and out.