Natural Bark Siding | Waynesville NC

As a certified company and a dedicated member of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council, BarkClad is careful never to cut down trees for siding. Instead, BarkClad works with loggers to use every part of the tree.

By repurposing the bark from trees for natural bark siding, that are already being cut for use in the furniture and plywood industries, BarkClad in Waynesville NC, is able to minimize the environmental impact and create a beautiful natural siding product that will last for years.

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Committed to sustaining the integrity of the environment, BarkClad is proud to have developed SmartBark – the world’s first, high-quality engineered bark siding product. 

Made of a special polyblend, SmartBark doesn’t use any natural wood. With SmartBark, customers can achieve a beautiful, natural bark look, inside and outside of their homes for less – and save on energy costs year after year.

Moving forward, BarkClad remains dedicated to developing and delivering superior quality bark products to our customers that have a low impact on the environment.